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Image for Les Meilleures Recettes Culinaires Pour Poissons, Crustaces et Coquillages

Les Meilleures Recettes Culinaires Pour Poissons, Crustaces et Coquillages

By: N/A

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Boulogne-sur-Mer, Ed. Blondel la Rougery / Le Comitne de la Semaine du Poisson: 1923

Seller ID: 015345

Condition: Good

Image for Wine Wisdom By Penfolds

Wine Wisdom By Penfolds

By: N/A

Price: $170.00

Publisher: Sydney, Australia, Penfolds Wines Ltd.:

Seller ID: 017311

Condition: Good

North Atlantic Seafood, A Complete Guide to Fish & Shellfish

By: Alan Davidson

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New York, The Viking Press: 1980

Seller ID: 014917

ISBN: 0670515248

Condition: Very Good

Goods That Will Sell : Tried Favourites and New Notions

By: Albert R. Daniel

Price: $25.00

Publisher: London, Maclaren & Sons:

Seller ID: 014906

Condition: Good

Foods: Their Composition and Analysis

By: Alexander Wynter Blyth

Price: $30.00

Publisher: London, Charles Griffin & Company: 1896

Seller ID: 014525

Condition: Fair

The Modern Housewife or Menagere: Comprising Nearly One Thousand Receipts

By: Alexis Soyer

Price: $50.00

Publisher: London, Simkin, Marshall & Co.: 1849

Seller ID: 015067

Condition: Fair

Madame Prunier's Fish Cookery Book - First Edition

By: Ambrose Heath (Editor)

Price: $40.00

Publisher: London, Nicholson & Watson: 1938

Seller ID: 012187

Condition: Fair

The Romanian Cook Book

By: Anisoara Stan

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New York, The Citadel Press: 1969

Seller ID: 003037

Condition: Fair

The Tradition of Australian Cooking

By: Anne Gollan

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Canberra, Australian National University Press: 1978

Seller ID: 017269

ISBN: 0708112298

Condition: Very Good

The Exquisite Table: A History of French Cuisine

By: Aresty, Esther B

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill: 1980

Seller ID: 014826

ISBN: 0672523078

Condition: Very Good

The Art of Eating in France: Manners and Menus in the 19th Century

By: Aron, Jean-Paul

Price: $10.00

Publisher: London, Peter Owen: 1975

Seller ID: 014858

ISBN: 0720604931

Condition: Very Good

L'Escargot et la Grenouille Comestibles

By: Arsene Thevenot and Felecien Lesourd

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Paris, Librairie Agricole De La Maison Rustique: 1926

Seller ID: 015032

Condition: Fair

Coffee: From Grower to Consumer

By: B. B. Keable

Price: $20.00

Publisher: London, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons:

Seller ID: 014936

Condition: Good

The Country Housewife and Lady's Director Pt. 1 & 2

By: Bradley, Richard

Price: $30.00

Publisher: London, Prospect Books: 1980

Seller ID: 014900

ISBN: 0907325017

Condition: Near Fine

Man, Bread and Destiny

By: C. C. Furnas and S. M. Furnas

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New York, Reynal & Hitchcock: 1937

Seller ID: 006637

Condition: Fair

Practical Cheesemaking. A General Guide to the Manufacture of Cheese

By: C. W. Walker-Tisdale and Walter E. Woodnutt

Price: $50.00

Publisher: London, The Swarthmore Press: 1919

Seller ID: 017309

Condition: Good

Fire: A World of Flavour

By: Chrisine Manfield

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Australian, Pengiol Lantern: 2008

Seller ID: 019069

Condition: Very Good

Seed Cake & Honey Prawns: Fashion and Fad in Australian Food

By: Colin Bannerman

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Canberra, National Library of Australia: 2008

Seller ID: 015186

Condition: Very Good.

Memories with Food at Gipsy House

By: Dahl, Roald; Dahl, Felicity

Price: $20.00

Publisher: London, Viking: 1991

Seller ID: 007136

ISBN: 0670834629

Condition: Good

Image for Sake: Discover the Culinary Pleasures of Sake's Long Relationship With Japanese Cuisine

Sake: Discover the Culinary Pleasures of Sake's Long Relationship With Japanese Cuisine

By: Dekura, Hideo

Price: $22.00

Publisher: London, New Holland Publishers: 2015

Seller ID: 022445

ISBN: 1742575617

Condition: Very Good

Image for North African Cookery

North African Cookery

By: Der Haroutunian, Arto

Price: $20.00

Publisher: London, Century Publishing: 1985

Seller ID: 004905

ISBN: 0712609253

Condition: Fair to Good

Vegetarian Dishes from the Middle East

By: Der Haroutunian, Arto

Price: $10.00

Publisher: London, Century Publishing: 1983

Seller ID: 009436

ISBN: 0712601201

Condition: Good

The Cuisines of Mexico

By: Diana Kennedy

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New York, Harper & Row: 1972

Seller ID: 021855

ISBN: 0060123443

Condition: Very Good

The Cook and Housewives' Manual

By: Dods, Margaret

Price: $20.00

Publisher: London, Rosters: 1988

Seller ID: 014869

ISBN: 0948032715

Condition: Good

An Omelette and a Glass of Wine

By: Elizabeth David

Price: $15.00

Publisher: England, Penguin: 1986

Seller ID: 022917

ISBN: 0709020473

Condition: Fair to Good

Image for Picasso Bon Vivant

Picasso Bon Vivant

By: Ermine Herscher

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New York, Rizzoli: 1996

Seller ID: 020541

ISBN: 0847819698

Condition: Very Good

Irons in the Fire: A History of Cooking Equipment

By: Feild, Rachael

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Wiltshire, England, Crowood Press: 1984

Seller ID: 015341

ISBN: 0946284555

Condition: Good

The Wife's Own Book of Cookery, Containing upwards of Fifteen Hundred Original Receipts

By: Frederick Bishop

Price: $70.00

Publisher: London, Ward and Lock:

Seller ID: 015034

Condition: Fair

Australian Seafood Handbook An Identification Guide to Domestic Species

By: G. K. Yearsley, P. R. Last and R. D. Ward (Editors)

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Hobart, Tasmania, CSIRO Publishing: 2001

Seller ID: 021406

ISBN: 0643061940

Condition: Very Good

Principles and Practice of Butter-Making

By: G. L. McKay and C. Larsen

Price: $30.00

Publisher: New York, John Wiley & Sons: 1909

Seller ID: 014540

Condition: Fair

Image for Made in Italy: Food and Stories

Made in Italy: Food and Stories

By: Giorgio Locatelli

Price: $28.00

Publisher: New York, HarperCollins (Ecco): 2007

Seller ID: 021513

ISBN: 0061351490

Condition: Good to Very Good

The Cuisine of Venice and Surrounding Northern Regions

By: Giusti-Lanham, Hedy

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New York, U.S.A., Barrons Educational Series Inc: 1978

Seller ID: 011588

ISBN: 0812051386

Condition: Good

Cookery for the Hospitality Industry

By: Graham Dodgshun; Michel Peters

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Cambridge University Press: 2000

Seller ID: 019435

ISBN: 0521776090

Condition: Good

River Cafe Cook Book Green

By: Gray, Rose; Rogers, Ruth

Price: $20.00

Publisher: London, Ebury Press: 2000

Seller ID: 015185

ISBN: 0091865433

Condition: Very Good

My Italian Heart

By: Guy Grossi

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Lantern: 2011

Seller ID: 012825

ISBN: 1921382678

Condition: Good

At My Table: Fresh and Simple Food

By: Hay, Donna; Bacon, Quentin

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Paddington, New South Wales, Barbara Beckett Publishing: 1995

Seller ID: 019328

ISBN: 187589103X

Condition: Good

Modern French Culinary Art

By: Henri-Paul Pellaprat

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Vaduz, Liechtenstain, Book Publishing Establishment: 1961

Seller ID: 009713

Condition: Fair to Good

Image for Heston Blumenthal at Home

Heston Blumenthal at Home

By: Heston Blumenthal

Price: $22.00

Publisher: London, Bloomsbury Publishing: 2011

Seller ID: 021507

ISBN: 1408804409

Condition: Good


By: J. R. Irons

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Watford, England, Hudson & Stacey:

Seller ID: 017673

Condition: Good

Image for Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do

Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do

By: John Prescott

Price: $12.00

Publisher: London, Reaktion Books: 2012

Seller ID: 018693

ISBN: 1861899149

Condition: Very Good

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume One and Volume Two

By: Julia Child, Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle (Volume One)

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Australia, Penguin: 2009

Seller ID: 021766

Condition: Very Good

Image for Kitcho: Japan's Ultimate Dining Experience

Kitcho: Japan's Ultimate Dining Experience

By: Kunio Tokuoka; Nobuko Sugimoto

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Kodansha International: 2010

Seller ID: 020098

ISBN: 477003122X

Condition: Very Good

Len Deighton's Action Cook Book

By: Len Deighton

Price: $20.00

Publisher: England, Penguin Books: 1967

Seller ID: 010311

Condition: Fair

The Victorian Book of Cakes: Recipes, Techniques and Decorations from the Golden Age of Cake-Making

By: Lewis, T. Percy; Bromley, A.G.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New York, Portland House: 1991

Seller ID: 003998

ISBN: 0517056941

Condition: Good

New Professional Chef

By: Linda Glick Conway (Editor) - The Culinary Institute of America

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Florence, Kentucky, U.S.A., Van Nostrand Reinhold: 1991

Seller ID: 010704

ISBN: 0442008074

Condition: Good

The French Cook, A System of Fashionable and Economical Cookery, Adapted to the Use of English Families . Twelfth Edition, Corrected and Enlarged, with an Appendix of Observations

By: Louis Eustache Ude

Price: $120.00

Publisher: London, John Ebers and Co: 1833

Seller ID: 015342

Condition: Good

Trilingual Dictionary of Italian Gastronomy - Dizionario Trilingue Della Gastronomia Italiana - Dreisprachiges Lexikon Der Italienischen Gastronomie

By: Louis Girgis

Price: $90.00

Publisher: Milan, Edizioni "Mondo Letterario": 1988

Seller ID: 014791

Condition: Good

Le Repertoire De La Cuisine

By: Louis Saulnier

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Middlesex, England, Leon Jaeggi & Sons:

Seller ID: 009279

Condition: Very Good

Cheese: A Treatise on the Manufacture of American Cheddar Cheese and Some Other Varieties

By: Lucius L. Van Slyke and Walter V. Price

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New York, Orange Judd Publishing Company: 1932

Seller ID: 004286

Condition: Fair

El Vino De Los Faraones

By: Luz Mangado Alonso

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Spain, Fundacion Dinastia Vivanco: 2003

Seller ID: 015674

ISBN: 846078407X

Condition: Near Fine